Getting Started With Flash Photography

When I bought my first DSLR I was somewhat late in the game. I'd been using film for a long time, even after digital ruled the scene, so I had no idea how to connect my ol' trusty flash to this new fancy camera. I was used to PC sync ports and cables, and my Canon Rebel XS didn't have that.

So I did quite a bit of research and found my way around this new technology, and lately I've had a few people ask me about how to get started with flash photography as well as how to use the flash off camera. At first I thought about writing a whole series on how to do this and tackle each topic. However, in my research I continued to refer back to one of the best sources to learn about lighting: The one and only This is one of the best blogs out there and a great resource for getting started with flash photography. David Hobby goes through each individual step in great detail. I'll link to some essential posts from his blog below, however, I highly recommend reading through the whole Lighting 101 and 102 sections since they'll really provide you with the tools to become comfortable with OCF (Off Camera Flash) and flash photography in general.

Some of my favorite posts to get you started:

Another fantastic blog that I like to follow is Digital Camera World, and they specialize in creating awesome "cheatsheets" and graphics with explanations for complex topics. This one here is all about how How a Camera Flash Works.

Lastly, here is a great video from Mark Wallace from Snapfactory and Adorama TV, where he explains in great detail why it is useful to use a flash outdoors when taking portraits. (Tip: Check out the two episodes that Mark mentions at the end of the video for more great info).

Hope these tips help you get started with flash photography and OCF. If you know of someone who could benefit from this information, please feel free to share it with them and through social media using the links below. And if you have a favorite flash photography tip, definitely leave me comment below. Thanks!