Portrait of a Muddy Puppy

A portrait of my dog Maia covered in mud

What do you do when your dog rolls around in the mud and gets ultra dirty? Well, you take photos of them of course!

This photo came about on a day when we thought it'd be a good idea to take Maia to the park. It had just stopped raining and we had some time, so we packed a few treats and a frisbee and began our quest.

Soon after arriving we noticed that a few other dog owners had gotten the same idea and brought their dogs along. It was early so we let Maia off leash to socialize. This is when the party started. After a few minutes of walking around smellin' buts, Maia settled on a particular spot (we should've noticed the signs). She just kept smelling and wondering around that specific area and suddenly started rolling around on the ground. Still, knowing Maia, this was nothing unusual.

Noticing she had spent more than a couple of minutes on that particular spot, I decided to walk on over and check out the scene. Well, it turns out that there was a dead bird exactly where she was rolling! 

I tried to grab Maia to pull her out of there and she took off running.  Hadn't gone too far when she found the biggest pile of mud in the area and claimed it as her hiding spot. Needless to say we both looked like the above when we got home. However, I couldn't resist the temptation to put her in front of the seamless, add a few extra leaves for effect, and snap a quick portrait. Enjoy!