3 Reasons to Go on a Photo Walk Today

I've gone on a couple of photowalks this year and I have to say they're the best! They bring many benefits to you and are definitely worth your time. If you've never heard the term, photowalking is simply a group of photographers getting together to walk around an area and take photos. This could mean going to a specific town or city, or simply walking around your neighborhood. The website Contrastly.com wrote a great article with some tips on how to make the best of your photowalk experience. Below you'll find a couple of photos from my latest photowalk, along with my top three reasons why I think you should go on a photowalk today.

1. Knowledge Sharing

One of the main benefits of photowalks is that they allow photographers to learn more about the craft from each other. Since we all see the world differently, we will also photograph the same subjects in a different way, or even be interested in completely different parts of the same scene. By getting together with other photographers, you may discover new ideas or how to approach the same things differently. 

2. Community Building

Photography can sometimes be a bit lonely because it's mainly you, your camera, and your subject. If that subject's a person it can sometimes lead to great friendships, cultural enrichment, or even networking. However, going on a walk with other photographers is a completely different experience. You get to talk with other people who share your interest in photography, and this means you not only get to share ideas about the craft, but you might also discover you have other interests in common. I happen to be lucky enough to have a few friends who are also photographers, and others who are simply interested in the art of photography in general. We all come from different backgrounds and experience photography in a different way, which further enriches our conversations during our walks.

3. Relieving Stress

Photowalks don't have to be long. My friend Tim and I went out walking with our cameras during one of our fifteen minute breaks at work. I ended up with the short series of photos above, and I found it a great way relieve stress. You're getting out into the fresh air, doing a bit of exercise, massaging your creative muscles, and enjoying pleasant conversation. You get to clear your head for a few minutes, think about something completely different, and go back to work fully refreshed. 


I would highly recommend making photowalks a part of your life as a photographer. I feel they would help spark your creativity, provide additional knowledge, relationships, and many other benefits. Do you agree? Please let me know in the comments and feel free to share this post using the buttons below. Thanks!

Daniel Perez-Gomez1 Comment