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Maia in Space

Maia in Space

What did I do this weekend you ask? Well, as you may have guessed from the photo above, that I found a few Photoshop tutorials and simply couldn't resist sending Maia off to space. It looks like she's having a blast chasing after that red rubber ball. And with that little experiment, I was able to give my creative juices a boost! So, in light of the new year, I wanted to compile a list of resources for those times when you may feel sort of creatively blocked. If interested, I also linked the two tutorials I used for Maia's image, at the bottom of the  post.

1. Check out the Inspiration Grid.  A daily updated blog that is categorized by different art genres.  Here is the Photography category.

One of my favorite finds is this photo series by french photographer Benoit Lapray takes photos of superheroes in beautiful landscapes.

2. Here are two great lists of some of the world’s best photographers.  Sometimes looking at someone else’s work may give you some ideas. 

50 of the Best Photographers of All Time.

Top 10 Photographers for Travel Portraits.

3.   Join a forum or group.  It’s always great to get feedback from other photographers.  In the very least, you get someone else’s opinion, which will always help you move forward in some way.  I personally enjoy Flickr, as the community is pretty active.  Not sure where to start?  Here’s a handy post on some unique Flickr groups.

4. This list from DIY Photography on “25 Ways to Jumpstart Your Photography Inspiration” has some excellent ideas.

5. Watch an inspiring documentary like "Bill Cunningham New York" 

or "Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Impassioned Eye" 

or even a great photo related movie, like the ones on this great list by

6.  Go to the park or simply go outside.  Being outdoors breathing fresh air has many benefits.  However, for a good boost, I recommend mixing it up and adding a bit of exercise and some time with friends into the mix.  Why?  Cuz friends!  Just kidding.  I mean,  everybody knows that exercise has great benefits when it comes to your brain (which couldn’t hurt your creative juices in this situation) and social activities have also been proven to stimulate your noggin.

7.  Bribe a friend into helping you with an unusual photo project.  Try something out of the ordinary and ask a friend for help.  You’ll be able to provide them with great photos, and you’ll have the freedom to shoot something you normally wouldn’t.  First idea that comes to mind here is an environmental portrait.  You're welcome!

8. Spend some time looking at other art specialties.  One of my favorites is land art which, as the name implies, links elements in the landscape with the work of art.  Simply look at this video of Andy Goldsworthy's "Rivers and Tides" for some woahness! 

9. Rent some toys! Sometimes a new lens or other piece of equipment can give you a new perspective.  

10.  Just head to Twitter or Instagram and follow someone new!

11. Use Photoshop and go crazy! These are the two tutorials I used to create the image at the top of the post:

Got any ideas that should be added to this list?  Speak your mind in the comments below.

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