Quick guide to the new "Export As" menu in Photoshop CC 2015

If you're a long time user of Photoshop, you'll remember a feature called "Save for Web" which one would generally use to optimize images to display on the internet.  This feature had many other uses as well, including the ability to create animated Gifs. However, with the release of Photoshop CC 2015, this feature is now marked as "legacy" and may be replaced in the future. In a June 2015 post by Stephen Nielson, Sr. Product Manager of Adobe Photoshop, it was announced that this feature would receive no further updates and has been moved to a new location under the File > Export menu (the keyboard shortcut is still the same though: Windows: Alt-Shift-Cntrl-S or Mac: Opt-Shift-Cmd-S).

Additionally, there is now a submenu titled "Export as" which introduces support for new features, such as artboards and the ability to export multiple layers as different file types at once.

 Where to find "Save For Web"

If you'd still like to use the "Save for Web" option, it can now be found under the File > Export menu.

File > Export > Save for Web

How to Use the New "Export As" Option

Since my main workflow involves creating images that are usually portraits and will eventually display on my website or on this blog, I find the new workflow much quicker and easier for exporting images. Simply go to File > Export > Export As.

File > Export > Export As

One can also select multiple layers at the same time and then right click them to export them with different settings.

Select multiple layers, right click, and choose "Export As."

Then, you can then edit each layer's options individually.

You can then edit each layer's options individually.

And edit the metadata that is embedded with each asset.

You can select what metadata to include with each asset.

Additionally. one can edit the "Quick Export as" option's preferences (File > Export > Export Preferences) and create a preset for something you use very often.

Quick Export As preferences

Lastly, for a great demonstration on exporting artboards as well as single layered images, I found this great video by Howard Pinsky, that goes over the different options I mentioned above. If you're mainly interested in exporting a single image at a time and optimizing it for the web, fast forward to the 2 min mark where Howard compares the "Save For Web" quality slider with the new "Export As" menu options.

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