VIDEO: Split toning photos in Lightroom

I took this photo yesterday using the "cloudy" white balance preset, and while I really liked the look of the original, which had warmer tones, I decided to try a little split toning. The result was pretty fantastic!

The Split Toning panel under the Develop module in Lightroom can be a very powerful tool to incorporate into your photo toolkit. I can use it to convey different moods with my photos by telling the software to change the color of the highlights and shadows to something different.

Here you can see the original image before changing the colors in Lightroom. 

Original image of Scout without the Split Toning effect.

And this is after changing the hue of the highlights and shadows in Lightroom.

After using Split Toning in Adobe Lightroom

It is definitely a fun and useful effect to add to your photo editing arsenal. Give it a shot and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Split Toning Photos in Lightroom